20-Exclusive High Definition Pictures of Clay Lamp (Diya)

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This Photo-shoot is exclusively done by Blogenium. Today we have High Definition exclusive pictures of Diya or Clay Lamp. This can also be called as Oil Lamp that usually made from Clay with a Cotton Wick dipped in Ghee or Vegetable Oil. Diyas are often used temporarily as Lighting for Special Occasions. Such kind of similar Lamp is also called Butter Lamp. So here are exclusive pictures for you.

Hope you enjoyed these Awesome Oil Lamp pictures. These are absolutely Free to download. Don’t forget to tell us about these High Definition Wallpapers by using the Comment Box below. As these are Exclusive pictures from Blogenium, so we have put our Logo over these Wallpapers. If you need any picture without Watermark then don’t hesitate to write an email to us, or you can also demand by putting your Request under the Comment Box given below. For our Hindu viewers, they must be looking for such kind of images for Diwali festival.

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