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Dumb Ways to Die Game App – Informative, Educational Yet Fun to Have

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dumb ways to die was basically an awareness initiative which provides you educational information about the mistakes that can literally kill a person. This game app is being used all around the world for many purposes; treat it like an educational game for your children or just for fun. Dumb ways to die got an extra ordinary popularity in the very start of its first launch and still it’s getting more and more popularity every day. This game helps everybody to have known the dumbest things that can cause premature death which a person would have never think about.

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Five Nail-Biting Mobile Games

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Beads of sweat roll down into your eyes and you wipe them away with a dirty hand clutching a bloody screwdriver. Behind you, you can hear the scratching and clawing as the mob of undead bear their weight against the terrifyingly thin wooden door. You check your handgun; empty. Bile climbs up the back of your throat as you hear the wood splintering as rotting hands work the door into shreds. But, wait…..before you launch yourself kamikaze-style into a fate of brain munching infamy, check out these five top mobile zombie games.

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