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What Are the Real Pros & Cons of Social Media Websites?

We all know that humans are social creatures and each and every person naturally likes to communicate with others. For this purpose the social networking websites are offering exceptional opportunities for both professional and personal purposes. Some typical examples of these websites are Facebook, FriendFeed, Twitter, Digg, Google+, YouTube and …

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Review of Facebook Algorithm

Facebook has been the most talked about social networking site in today’s world. Facebook has offered many new and dramatic features to people like; liking a post or comment, sharing posts, uploading videos and photos, games and tons of other interesting applications. All these are based on a very well …

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How to Install Apps on Facebook Timeline

Facebook recently announced the introduction of the Timeline while hosting its latest F8 Developer Conference. The Timeline is now available to all Facebook users even though there are still a number of Facebook users who are still sticking to the old Facebook page. Since the announcement was made, Facebook app …

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Facebook Messenger for Windows

There are millions of people across the globe that cannot complete their day without logging into their Facebook account to know about the developments in their social network. Imagine staying connected with your Facebook friends without keeping a web browser running on your computer all the time. Facebook has given …

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Google VS Facebook on Privacy & Security

Privacy and security are a major factor for anyone who uses modern social networking websites today, and this is yet another thing major social platforms have to think about, the most important of these platforms being Facebook, with Google+ slowly but steadily growing bigger and bigger each and every day. …

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