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3 Awesome Cars from the Movies

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These days, movies are more than just entertainment. Now, these also serve as advertisements in many ways. The budgets for movies have gotten so large that product placement advertising has become the norm- especially when the Summer blockbuster season rolls around. This is no truer than when it comes to cars. The newest, greatest and coolest in cars can be seen in all kinds of movies. It can be the bad guy in the brand new Audi, or the good guy in the Alfa Romeo, or the spy in the BMW, the superhero in the modified Hummer, or even the lawyer in the back of an old school Lincoln. Indeed, there are even some movies, like the Fast and the Furious series seem to be specifically made to advertise fast cars and car culture. In many ways, the car has become the star in some of these movies, and there is nothing wrong with that. Cars are fast, beautiful, man-made creations and they deserve to be in the spotlight sometimes. Because, in the end, a car commercial sometimes just can not do a car justice. You need to see it in action to truly appreciate the majesty that is the automobile.

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3 Awesome Cars Only Available Overseas

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Sometimes, America does not always get the best things in the world. In fact, sometimes, America gets the coolest things way after other parts of the world get them. It is not that common for things like the latest technology (unless it was made in Asia) or other products, but it is definitely true when it comes to cars. Many of the best and most impressive cars on the world car buying market today, are available overseas in places like Asia- and especially European countries- well before they ever reach the shores of the United States of America. Cars and car technology are some of the very few things that America gets withheld from them, and that the Europeans get to savor exclusively by themselves for a while. In some ways, Europe serves as the testing grounds for new cars to see how successful they can be in America, and whether or not they meet the needs of American drivers.

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