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7 Cool Siri Tweaks – Siri Controls Everything

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Now days, iPhone users are very aware of Siri Application and they all obviously love it too. It is a fantastic thing and users are aggressive to share knowledge with each other. That’s why Siri hacks and tweaks are getting more attraction of users and its fans. Reader will find here 7 cool Tweaks about Siri and things that Siri can control. Siri i4Siri can be installed on the iPad Devices like iPad2 and iPad1, iPhones like iPhone4 and iPhone 3Gs or iPod Touch 4G. These devices support Siri and users can install and use it on any of these device. This application allows user to give commands by his voice like message sending, meeting schedules, make phone call and much more. User can ask Siri what he wants to do in the way he talks. It is so easy to use and handle and it serves a lot by perfect response.

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