World’s Expensive Movies

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Its really hard to tell which Hollywood movie is the most expensive movie of the world. There are a lot of Movies which can be said that these are having a lot Cost, like Spider Man 3, Pirates of Caribbean, Death Man’s Chest. This list contains only the films that are already released to the general public, and no films that are still in production, post-production or just announced films, for the reason that these costs can still change in the production process. So here is the list of Movies which may be called as the most expensive movies of the world.

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Beautiful Wedding Poems

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If you or your dear one is getting married and you need some Wedding Poems or Wedding Verses to write on gifts or wedding cards, then here we have collected a lot of Wedding Poems and Wedding Verses for you. Most of these poems provided by Ronald G. Auguste, these poems are copyrighted, please do not distribute or use these without the permission of Ronald G. Auguste.

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Funniest Websites List

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If you are looking for Funny Stuff, like Funny Pictures, Funny Jokes, Funny SMS, Funny Animations etc. then here we are going to help you. Here we have collected a huge list of websites/blogs which are having a lot of Funny Stuff. So you will really enjoy visiting these and getting a lot of Funny Stuff. Enjoy surfing these!!!

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Smallest Girl in the world

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Jyoti Amge (born December 16, 1993), a resident of Nagpur, India, is currently the world’s smallest girl according to the Limca Book of Records. She has a growth anomaly, that has restricted her height to 23 inches (58 cm), and her weight to 11 pounds (5.25 kg). Here are some of her picture so you may have idea how smallest she is.

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Awesome Bangles Design

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For those who loves Jewelry, here we have collected Awesome designs of Bangles. These designs are having Eastern and Western touch. Some bangles are having Artificial Gold look. Hope you will get some inspiration from these pictures if you are going to buy these from market. If you are planing to attend any Wedding or Party, then you should have something to chose from this.

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