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Blogenium welcomes Author’s to submit their Guest Posts, it will be reviewed by our team and if they think it can be publish on Blogenium, then it will be composed and put in the Queue. REMEMBER ONLY 1 BAKCLINK IS ALLOWED IN THE AUTHOR’S SECTION NOT IN THE POST PLEASE.

1. Points to keep in mind:

Before sending Guest Posts/Articles to us, please read the following carefully.

  1. Only High Quality and Unique contents required from the authors.
  2. That post/article should not be posted in the past or will not be posted in the future on any other blog.
  3. Article should be related to Traveling, Cooking, ShowBiz, Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO, Social Media, etc. (Only Adult Articles Prohibited).
  4. Your Article should not be having more than 1 back link in it. Back link is allowed in the Author’s Section, not in the post please.
  5. If we found Backlink(s) in the article we will remove it or if we found more than 1 Backlinks in the Author’s Bio, we will keep only 1 and will remove all other Backlinks, without informing.
  6. We may reject the article if it is having backlink in the post or more than 1 backlink in Author’s Section.
  7. Blogenium reserve the right to accept or reject any article without giving any reason, no one has the right to take action against Blogenium.

2. What to do?

  • Write the article in DOCX format.
  • Article should be having in Paragraph Format with appropriate Paragraph Titles.
  • Article should be having more than 400 words.
  • Article should be having Relevant images (remember no copyrighted images please) also images should be included in separate folder too.
  • At the bottom of the Article, must provide:
  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Email Address
  3. Your Short Description having 1 back link in it.
  4. If you want to provide more than one article with different Author’s Bio, then you will have to provide new Name and Email ID along with each article.

3. Where and What to send?

  • Simply ZIP/RAR all the files and send it to theblogenium (at) gmail (dot) com.

4. Remember:

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, if we found that your Article is the duplication/copy of any existing article, then we may send your email to Akismet database so they may blacklist you.


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