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Why do People Use Phone Number to Book Taxi?

If you live in metro cities, then you must know that getting a cab on the time is very difficult. But today with the help of technology, people can Book Taxi from their home easily. In fact, this process helps people to avoid the complication of taxi booking and also …

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Barrels of Red Diesel – Stock for the Future

The use of red diesel is very common in the country. It is used in various sectors and is cheaper than other fuel sources. It is coloured gas oil, which is mainly used for domestic heating purposes and for the agricultural sectors. Certain industries or people prefer to hold barrels of …

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Check Engine Light Signals For Prior Engine Governance

Modern vehicles nowadays have reached that point of advanced technology where the entire engine can be easily monitored by one single computer. However, all of these technologies do come at certain price. These modifications in the technology have enhanced the inherent complications as they’ve got to meet stringent regulations for …

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NOS Control, Advanced NOS

MAPECU, MAPECU2 and MAPECU3 all feature NOS Control and Advanced NOS Control in different forms. MAPECU’s NOS Control consists of and RPM window and throttle position (TPS). This NOS Control function allows automatic NOS activation based on minimum RPM, maximum RPM and throttle position so NOS is activated only at …

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