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Make Money Through Decluttering

If you would like to sell your DVD or game in a simple way, you should register for free service on www.declutter.com. The website will not charge you for selling items. If you can sell a minimum of 10 items, Decluttr offers the best platform so that you will not …

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Sony Xperia Z1 Vs Nokia Lumia 1020

Global smartphone players are focusing on the higher end devices and as a result of which you will find several attractive high end phones being launched by Samsung, Nokia, Sony and LG in recent past and more scheduled in the near future. Two popular names in this regard are the …

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Smart Meter Mayhem

A few months ago my local utility company decided to install smart meters. The decision resulted in protests, angry town meetings and a flurry of full-paper ads in the local paper. Hapless utility company employees were threatened for attempting to install the new meters.

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