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Uniti One Unveiled

Prepare yourself for the most uncanny-looking, yet intelligent car of the twenty-first century. It’s the moment that merely every automotive aficionado has been dreaming of their entire life: The unveil of the Uniti One – a practically futuristic, autonomous-capable modern-day car that you’ll be eager to jump behind the wheel of! – but with the latest automotive technology, there’s little work to do.

Brace yourself! The Uniti One is quite capable of autonomous driving – yes, you heard it right. Autonomous capability seems to be the way forward in the future of the automobile industry and almost every leading brand is aiming to introduce a whole new range of autonomous-capable cars, in hope that more people will become reliant on the type of car that does all the hard work for them! Well, with the Uniti One, you’ll be able to do much, much more than nothing at all – designed solely for automotive aficionados’, this impressive and albeit, pretty intelligent futuristic-looking car is set to have you enthusiasts eager to invest from the minute it’s released to the world.

The most brilliant feature of the Uniti One, is of course the option of only two seats, that being for the person driving and one other passenger – to most people, that makes the Uniti One a merely faultless car, but for those who travel with the likes of their family, friends, or colleagues, it’s not really the most ideal car for your lifestyle – wouldn’t you agree? But who knows? Perhaps the company will introduce a family sized autonomous-capable car with similar features to the Uniti One car. But for those of you who are wondering when you’ll be able to find this fantastic car on the roads, it is set to be released in 2019 and is estimated to be priced around £12,980 – extremely inexpensive for an autonomous car.

Having partnered up with the German company Siemens, Uniti has made every effort to ensure that its futuristic autonomous-capable car meets the requirements and is suitable to be on the roads ready for its release in 2019. The brand has claimed that the One autonomous car will produce seventy-five percent less carbon dioxide than a typical conventional vehicle, over its entire lifetime – not to mention that its design is centred on allowing maximum battery performance, which is incredible for any autonomous-capable, economical vehicle, especially in this day and age.

‘Having a car that is practical, eco-friendly and cheap is a huge step in the right direction for the motor industry, simply revolutionary stuff.’ Added Wayne at Family Cars NI.

Unlike the typical battery-powered compact city vehicles that you’re used to seeing on the roads, the Uniti One weighs an impressive 450kg and its power is generated through a 22kWh battery and two electric motors – enabling outstanding acceleration from 0 to 50 mph in approximately sub-3.5 seconds!

One the same note, it seems as though the Uniti One autonomous-capable, economical vehicle is set to rocket sales in 2019, so just to be on the safe side, the company is now requesting that those who are interested in purchasing the car after its release are to pay a deposit to secure their investment when the time arrives – this just goes to show the number of sales the Uniti One is set to make in 2019!

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