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Top 6 Mobile App Design Trends That Every Designer Should Checkout


Today, businesses heavily rely on their mobile applications for increasing customers. Almost all the people prefer to use smartphones to search and purchase products or services.

If the targeted audience and customers can easily download your mobile app and get a pleasing experience while using your app, it will set your business on the right path to conduct business on the web.

With the clean and user-friendly design of your mobile apps, you can make it easier to do business in the simplest way and attract many more customers. However, it is a must that mobile app designs should fulfill with some of the basics.

Make sure that your mobile app has designs that must be goal-driven. The designers should understand the individual needs and business goals of the clients and customize the app’s workflow accordingly. The audience should be able to navigate through the apps directly. The apps should not take long to download.

Likewise, graphic designs, mobile app design trends also emerge and goes away. In 2017, there are various mobile app design patterns that come up to the front with the main aim of delivering an improved user experience.

Let’s Have a Look at Some of the Latest Mobile App Design Trends of 2017

Material Design

For the last couple of years, it remained in demand, and it is known as the most beautiful mobile design trend. It has made it easier for users to engage with different platforms. Mainly, this trend originates from the flat design, and it will remain trendy for this year also. Various UI designers are implementing the material design on different platforms.

Moreover, flat design’s standard version is modified and comprised some attributes like visual effects, shadows, gradients, etc. But the functionality and user-friendliness of it remain the same.

Material design is known for serving the best users’ experience and simple interaction because of its colors, enhanced functionality, and iconography. The design also made the hierarchy clear for the end user, delivering an excellent user experience.

Apart from this, the best part of this design trend is that it doesn’t limit designers to show their creative flair and add some improvements. There are lots of applications of Google like Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, and more that match with real design’ standard.

New Gestures

When it comes to talking about the gestures, they are used in mobile apps, and they are animations, showing emotion as per different situations. It would be helpful to connect and engage visitors with the content. Now, more and more mobile applications will have new and interesting gestures to retain users and give them a pleasant shopping experience.

This year, the success of mobile app depends on how surprising the gestures are developed to provide better UX. Now, you can also notice that various professional designers are opting for gestures to develop apps that are content-focused and interact with customers professionally. With the intention of speeding up user action, new gestures would be designed.

Utilizing Different Colors

It is a fact, white backgrounds and subtle color scheme have been the most demanding trend for a long time that introduced by material design. But new improvements come-up with new rules and addition of some of the different vibrant colors with bold backgrounds.

However, it is true that every color has its own meaning of the element, so the material design is the most flexible trend, enabling both subtle and vibrant colors. You can still find various apps that are sticking to white background and as per the statistics report, more than 80% of all mobile apps make use of default while backgrounds. Some of them only opt for different colors.

Apart from this, users must get a chance to choose colors that they like. So, designers should also be flexible considering these factors to deliver a great user experience.

Personalized Text Fonts

There are lots of applications that come with a standard font, carrying throughout the application. But now, designers need to look to join fonts and writing styles that separate their application from the rest of the apps. An application can have varied text styles for different sections or purposes.

Above-mentioned top mobile app design trends can make a huge difference in your mobile application and help you to make your app successful in the market. Every designer needs to consider these trends while designing an app and make it unique from other apps.

If you are also looking forward to designing a mobile app considering these trends, you make sure that you hire a leading mobile app development company that has a team of experienced mobile app designers to discuss your requirements.


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