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6 Bits of Tech to Help the Visually Impaired Live Independently

If you or someone you love is dealing with vision loss, it can be a hard transition for everyone involved. Tech companies are thankfully taking steps to make that transition easier. Here are just a few tech products and services that will make life easier in the event vision is diminished or completely gone:

1) A talking alarm clock.

Several companies offer alarm clocks that don’t require you to read anything. Some of these clocks have voice activation that will help with reading the time for you, telling the clock what time to set the alarm, and more. Setup is also easy. Talking alarm clocks are designed for independent living, and have up to 12 different voice commands.

2) A talking watch.

This tech is ideal for anyone who likes to live on the go but needs a reminder to stay on track. Talking watches have a speaker on the face of the watch for clearer sound. You can choose to program it for either military time or regular AM/PM time. Talking watches also come with hourly announcements and programmable alarms.

3) A medical alert system.

Living with vision loss can also make it more likely for accidents to happen. The good news is, there is a medical alert system that can help in a time of need. It comes with personal emergency response system with a push-button necklace and 600-foot range, perfect for any size living space. The right medical alert system is easy to set up and can include more than one user.

4) A talking calculator.

Who says that suffering from vision loss has to claim your ability to manage bills? Not only does a taking calculator come with the capacity to read the numbers to you, it has a large screen for easier reading. The calculator can be adjusted to by volume, and you can choose whether it reads digits or total number value.

5) The Be My Eyes app.

Originally designed for the blind, the groundbreaking app named Be My Eyes is perfect for anyone suffering significant vision loss. It allows you to go out into the world with a vision helper. All you do is open the app, connect to a volunteer, and let them see the world for you. They offer visual assistance via live streaming with anything from reading a milk carton to going shopping. All it requires is a smartphone, the app, and quick registration.

6) A car dash camera.

If your vision is deteriorating but hasn’t gone so far that you are unable to drive, investing in the right tech for driving can reduce stress and protect you. A car dash camera records every moment of your driving. You can use the footage as protection in the case of accidents, but that’s not all. If you feel your driving might be a risk, you can also use the camera as a tool to help assess your driving weaknesses, so you know what to be wary of while behind the wheel.

Aside from using tech products, there are other ways to help someone dealing with vision loss.

  • -Take them on shopping trips and make it fun.
  • -Complete necessary home repairs, or help them find professionals who can do it at a reasonable price.
  • -Become their vision advocate by learning about their particular issues and advocating for them.

But more than anything else, be there. Nothing makes such a big challenge like vision loss easier to deal with like having the support of loved ones. The most important thing you can do is be there.

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