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Can These Car Gadgets Really Help Your Driving and Reduce Stress Levels?

Driving is seen as a mundane activity by a lot of people, and it can really be so, but in certain conditions it can be quite the opposite – stressful and exhausting. Traffic congestions, an improper functioning of your car or plain boredom are all elements that can add stress to any driving session and transform it into an unpleasant experience. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can do to counter the balance and turn the overall feel around, thanks to some gadgets. Here are five examples of car gadgets that really help your driving and reduce stress levels.

Apple Car Play:

Apple Car Play

Your smartphone is your main source of entertainment, so why not bring some of its features and uses to your car as well? With Car Play, Apple has designed in-car multimedia systems that sync up with your iPhone and can do a whole lot more than a regular multimedia system can. Aside from bringing the music playing experience to the next level by allowing you to sync your favorite music library and online services such as Spotify and iTunes, Car Play also keeps you in the loop with your social circles while driving, without interfering with the actual driving. You can have Siri read out messages to you, and also use it to reply, all without having to take your eyes from the road for a single moment, thus reducing risks to a minimum. If your car does not come with a Car Play-compatible unit out of the factory, you can install an aftermarket one easily – Pioneer has some awesome models to choose from.



A Head-up Display is another interesting gadget to have in your car, and there’s no better example than the Navdy HUD. The system allows you to use features such as GPS navigation or phone functionality while driving with a convenient mode of displaying the necessary information and an intuitive mode of interaction, therefor allowing you to remain focused on the road. The futuristic feel of the system will also make your trips and the overall driving experience more enjoyable, so it’s a win-win.


Dash Cam

So you’re all geared up for a distraction-free driving experience, but are other drivers just as well-prepared? A lot of traffic incidents occur due to the negligence, or simply bad driving skills, or some drivers, so you can end up in an unpleasant situation without any guilt whatsoever, just because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Here’s where a dashcam can save you some serious headaches – by recording every moment of any trips, a dashcam can provide crucial evidence of what happened in the case of an accident or any other type of interaction with a fellow driver. The Z-Edge Z3 is a great example of a compact, feature-rich and affordable dashcam to make your car rides safer.

Car Monitoring:

Car Monitoring

One of the main reasons of in-car stress is the dreaded “check engine” light. It can come on at any time, and it can either mean that there’s a minor issue with a sensor, or that your car’s engine is about to fall apart – two completely opposed scenarios, with completely opposite implications. Instead of having to guess if you’re looking at paying a small fortune on repairs or not, why not find out for sure what’s happening? The Automatic Adapter allows you to do just that; the Automatic Adapter is a small dongle that plugs into your car’s OBD-II port (the same port used by services to diagnose problems), and connects to your car’s onboard computer, from where it can read various parameters about your car, which will all get displayed on your phone. Not only does this allow you to always be informed of your car’s technical status, but it will also allow you to be better informed about your driving stats.



This one is not exactly a gadget, but rather a performance part, but it can definitely improve your driving style and enhance the experience, so it’s a perfect fit for our list. An aftermarket exhaust system, such as the ones offered by Supersprint Exhausts will add a sport feel to your car, and the aggressive roar of the engine will make you want to drive around all day.An aftermarket exhaust system will make your car stand out of the crowd, and who doesn’t like a bit of attention every now and then?

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