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Online Marketing in 2017: Take Your Business Further Than It Has Ever Been. Bigly

2016 brought about a vast swath of changes to what will likely be every facet of our lives–personal and professional. 2017 will see the implementation and roll/fall out from those changes and it is important that you keep up if you want your business to continue to be profitable. One of the spaces in which changes are going to be intense is going to be Online Marketing.

Online Marketing in 2017

Integration Will Be Key:

“Online marketing” seems a little bit like a misnomer now. The Internet has changed dramatically since the term was first introduced. For instance, social media has taken over almost everything. Smart devices and wearables can access the web now. The web has been fully integrated into our lives now, which means you should no longer be treating your online marketing campaigns as separate from those you roll out in traditional marketing spheres. For example: having a physical presence at your industry’s annual trade show is great, but you’ll want to make sure to buy advertising space on the organizers’ mobile conference app, too.

Location Location Location:

The world is far more politicized now than it has ever been before. Your clients and customers are paying attention not just to whose advertisements you allow on your own sites but to whose sites on which you place advertising yourself. This means that you’ll want to work more closely with your ad network partners to make sure that your banner ads and PPC pieces aren’t turning up on websites the majority of your client base will find objectionable. No more advertising as widely as possible. A wayward PPC ad on the wrong kind of site could get you added to a blacklist or be facing a boycott.

Live Streaming:

One of the nicest parts of online and traditional advertising is that you can plan it out ahead of time and control every tiny detail of your campaigns. You put together the ad text and graphics, the SEO articles, etc and then send them out. In 2017, however, live streaming is going to be the name of the game. We don’t just say this because Amazon has purchased Twitch. We’re saying this because of events like aides using Periscope to broadcast a sit-in on the floor of Congress. We’re saying this because Facebook has its own live streaming platform and YouTube has made it’s platform much better. Get used to the idea of rolling out new products, announcing deals, and setting up livecast events to keep your clients and customers’ interest.

Narrow Your Focus:

Online marketing is now so common that it is rare for anybody to truly conquer any of the most common search strings for any significant period of time. It is going to be imperative to your company’s success that you narrow your focus and target specific segments of your audience with personalized marketing and other tools. Wide nets won’t net much, but personalized video, email, browsing experiences, etc have been proven to improve sales by wide margins.

Headlines Matter More Than Ever:

Look, nobody likes clickbait–especially when that clickbait is inherently misleading. Even so, given the gnat-like length of the current web user’s attention span, you’ll need to polish those headline writing skills if you want anybody to click on your ads. Just make sure, however, that the headline is relevant to the content you’re trying to promote. You don’t want to get a reputation for big promises without any substantive delivery!

Have a Conversation:

The entire point of social media and the integration of the web into daily life is that it enables connections and conversations. Take advantage of this to truly reach out to your clients and customers. There are plenty of great examples of this. Having a social media manager on hand who can track your feeds and respond promptly to customer feedback is a great way to help this happen. Regular posting about relevant topics (not just your products) is another must. Remember: the more social you are, the better your brand will fare.

More and more, online marketing is about humanizing companies and brands. Nobody wants to feel like they’re talking to a bot or like they are simply numbers in a spreadsheet. Create an interactive and targeted experience and you’ll see your profits improve exponentially.

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