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Commercial vs Natural Lice Treatment: Which One is Better?

Head lice are becoming a major problem in our city, Los Angeles. It may not be a life threatening problem but it is an irritating and embarrassing nightmare. Though head lice can be found in any age group but children are seen to be the most affected one. This is because children have a very active and social lifestyle. They easily get in touch with other kids at schools and playgrounds and get infected from the head lice. Parents use various techniques to get rid of head lice among which commercial and natural treatment is the most popular one in Los Angeles.

Let us discuss these two popular best lice treatment of Los Angeles.

Commercial vs. Natural Head Lice Treatment

best lice treatment in Los Angeles

Commercial Head Lice Treatment:

In this method of head lice treatment, people mostly use shampoos and lotions that contain pesticides and chemicals to kill adult head lice. This shampoos and lotions contain harmful pesticide like lindane, malathion, etc. These chemical treatments are best for heavy lice infestation.

Another form of commercial head lice treatment is the use of plastic or metal fine-toothed comb with a device that blows hot air to the scalp to remove lice and their eggs. The metal combs are very costly and also the devices that produce hot air.

Natural Head Lice Treatment:

In this method, only natural products and ways are used to remove the head lice. Various vegetable oils and products are helpful in removing the head lice. The nit comb is repeatedly passed through the hair from top to bottom of the head for few minutes. After continuing this process for one week, it is seen that head lice are completely removed from the head.

Another way is to use food products. Thick mayonnaise is very good for eliminating the head lice. After applying the mayonnaise, leave it for 15 minutes and then repeatedly comb the hair with the nit comb. This will remove the dead head lice from the hair and then wash your hair carefully.

Commercial vs. Natural head lice treatment

Which One is Better?

From the above statements, it is clear that commercial methods are very harmful to the scalp and the user’s skin as they use the harmful chemical for the removal of hair lice. Children’s skins are more sophisticated than adults, which makes it even more harmful for children. These harmful chemicals and process not only damages the skin but also affect the hair growth and conditions. This method is also very costly.

Whereas, natural hair lice treatment method does not involve the use of any harmful chemicals and are 100% safe for the skin and hair. They are cost very less as compared to the commercial method. You can even do-it-yourself at your home. It is one of the easiest processes.

So, it is very clear that why the natural method is considered as the best lice treatment in Los Angeles. There are many online companies that are providing natural head lice treatment service for children. Just hire a reputed company to get rid of head lice easily and safely.

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