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Wild Fire Pepper Spray – Always Carry Your Safety Product with You

In today’s modern world, the rate of crime is rising in the chart. Even though there are protectors but they can’t be around each one of us all the time. The safety of individuals especially women are at stake. They are getting tensed to move alone out of their house for the fear of the assailants. This calls for taking necessary steps for the self-defense. Though there are many ways of defending but the wild fire pepper spray is one of the finest inventions for self-defense. It is the best friend for both women and men while they move freely on the road at any period of the day. These small spray cans are of great importance and carry beneficial properties.

What is a Pepper Spray?

Though a number of individuals already have that but others might have only heard about it. Let’s dig a little but deeper to make them understand the self-defense element.

Wild Fire Pepper Spray – Always Carry Your Safety Product with You

The name itself implies the key ingredient of the element. The spray contains an active and powerful component called OC (Oleoresin capsicum) and other inert ingredients. The OC is better known as Chile peppers. It can either be water or aerosol based. These are non-toxic and non-inflammable. But, that does not prove it to be ineffective. The effectiveness of the products depends on the actual quantity of peppers used.

How is it Effective for Self-Defense?

The spray has to be used on the assailant from a specific distance. The range differs in various products but falls between 8 – 20 feet. The moment it got touched to the mucous membrane which includes eyes, nose, throat, and lungs the symptoms start. It leads to the attacker to instantly shut down their eyes and can even make them lose their sight. They may even experience breathing problem due to the pungent smell of the spray. The reaction could last for 30-90 min. lending the person enough time to escape the terrible scenario.

Things to be Taken into Consideration:

People might wonder to use it at the raw moment and would keep it safe till time. This could form the biggest mistake for them. Once it is purchased it must be used and practiced well. This will instantly help you if any case you fall for the scenario as you are well-prepared. For gaining better results it must be sprayed directly on the assailant’s face. Practice for spraying it quickly and moving back instantly for staying away from its reaction.

Where to Search for the Self-Defense Product?

These products are legally allowed in the country and they not require permits. This makes it a better alternative for defending. If you are in search of a reliable source of supply then visit the online market. There are several online shops that are renowned and trustworthy. The suppliers supply high-quality products at a nominal rate. For better suggestion ask your friends or reliable sources. One can never go wrong with the use of Wildfire pepper sprays. They are one of the best products available in the market.

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