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Australian Beach Life: Style Guide

Do you live on the beautiful Australian coast? If you do, it’s time to freshen up your style to match the spirit of the amazing and exotic beaches. In order to help you follow the latest trends, we have prepared some advice on what you should wear. The suggestions are made for all the Australians, as well as tourists who want to look stylish and modern during their stay in Australia.

Australian Beach Life Style Guide

Sandals are a Must-Have:

Living at the seaside doesn’t mean you should wear casual clothes 24/7. On the contrary, nothing is more perfect for nights out than a pair of hot sandals. They are an absolute trend in Australia and you will hardly find any woman in any other shoes. You can experiment with colors in order to find the ones which will best suit your personality, since you should always try to add a unique touch to your look.

Daytime Casual Dresses:

Even though being elegant is a must when you go out, during the day you can go for more casual combinations and our favorite option is a dress. This way, you will feel comfortable even when the temperature climbs over 30 degrees. Additionally, dresses are very flattering to the body, and you can also pair them with a belt and make your figure look amazing.


It goes without saying that you need an amazing bikini as well. You can go for a classic bikini and accessorize in order to make your look funkier. Additionally, you can pair your bikini with a stylish cover-up, which will be perfect for the walk from your home to the beach. In order to find your ideal bikini, you should surf the Internet, since you can find swimwear online, which will be both affordable and chic.

Don’t even think about forgetting a pair of shorts :

It’s absolutely unimaginable living on a beach without at least a couple of pairs of fashionable shorts. You need a quick-dry one, which you can wear over your bikini. Aside from this, wearing fancy denim shorts with high-heels or wedges can be a perfect combination for crazy nights out. You can also pair it with your one-piece, getting a great beach-to-bar outfit.

Stretchy cotton will make you feel comfortable:

There is no material more soothing to your skin than cotton, especially when your skin is salty from bathing in the ocean. Although denim and leather look very chic, you should save them for the evening, since such stiff materials can make your skin itch, especially when it’s too hot outside. If you pair a white cotton top with a piece of statement jewelry and high-heels, you will get a comfortable combination which can be suitable even for a night in a fancy bar.

Summer Hats:

Summer hats are both practical and extremely feminine. They will protect your face from harmful sun rays which can damage your skin, but aside from this, they will serve you as a perfect accessory to make your daytime outfit livelier. Hats with a wide brim will block more sun and add a glamorous vibe to your look. However, even simpler ones with a shorter and flat brim, like a straw boater hat, can look amazing if you combine them with your casual dress, or wear them while you’re at the beach to complement your swimsuit.

As you can see, getting an authentic beach look is a piece of cake if you are informed on what is trendy this season. All these pieces of clothing are very stylish, but most importantly, you can get them for a very reasonable price if you know where to look.

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