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Plus-Size Fashion Tips That Will Improve Your Everyday Look

The most important thing about clothes is that they should fit you and flatter your body. If your figure isn’t perfect, you simply need to find the clothes which will conceal the imperfections and highlight the good parts. In order to help you present yourself in the best possible light, here are some great plus-size Fashion Tips.

Plus-Size Fashion Tips That Will Improve Your Everyday Look

Wear Clothes that Hide your Belly:

If your belly is not flat, don’t worry, there are several ways in which you can successfully hide it. First of all, you should avoid wearing tight tops, since they will only accentuate it. Instead of them, go for some draped or asymmetric tops, which absolutely complement the shape of your body. Another trick that can help you look slimmer is wearing tops over skirts without tucking them in. This way, you will get a nice look and no attention will be brought to imperfections.

Go for Statement Jewelry:

Statement jewelry is perfect for plus-size women. It will attract people’s attention and make you look very stylish. We recommend you to choose a simple necklace which won’t fall down to your waist since that will accentuate your wider parts. When it comes to bracelets, they are certainly welcomed. However, be careful that you don’t wear too many of them, since your arms can look fat if you layer the bracelets.

Be Careful When Combining Colors:

Being a plus-size woman doesn’t mean you should stick only to black and other dark colors. On the contrary, trendy plus size clothing embraces bright colors, which are great and serve to highlight your good parts. For example, if your legs aren’t thin and long, wear black trousers, but go crazy with your top. It can be bright pink or yellow, and these colors will put your slimmer part in the spotlight.

Choose the Right Hairstyle:

If your face looks chubby, avoid hairstyles which will highlight your cheeks. Try keeping the volume on the top because this will slim down round faces. For examples, layers are always a good choice, since longer layers create more volume around the neck, and consequently, they help to elongate your face, which should be your goal. Another option is a very short hairstyle, for example, the so-called Mohawk, which looks bold and diverts the attention from the roundness of the face.

It’s Time for Shoe Shopping!

Nothing can help you look thinner more than a pair of high-heels. They will make your legs look longer and your whole figure will get a better shape, since your posture is also different when you wear high-heels. However, when it comes to the shape of a shoe, if you want to appear leaner, our heartily suggestion is that you opt for pointed toes, instead of round-shaped ones.

Don’t Forget a Bag:

Women’s favorite accessory is a handbag, since it adds an elegant and modern touch to our looks. However, if you’re a plus-size woman, you should choose the one which will divert the attention from wide parts of your body. For this reason, you should absolutely avoid small bags, since only bigger ones will create the illusion of having a smaller waist. Additionally, you can freely experiment with colors until you find your unique style, since the most important thing is that you’re content with what you see in the mirror.

As you can see, being plus-sized doesn’t mean not being fashionable. The key is to find the clothes which suit you and wear them confidently.

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