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New Technology for Cars Will Be of Practical Advantage

Technology and cars go hand in hand for quite a while now, with most modern cars being more about tech than about the car, but is this necessarily a good thing? While a lot of people look forward to a future where technology will take over completely and all cars will drive themselves, there are still people that find joy in driving, and want the experience in its purest form, without much interference from technology. Let’s have a look at recent car tech, and see if new Technology for Cars will be of practical advantage to all of us.

Safety Technology:

Safety Technology

What it is?

Safety technology consists of all elements that make a car safer, both for its driver and occupants, as well as for other cars on the road. Airbags, stability systems or hill-climbing assistance systems are pretty much standard nowadays, but there are a ton of optional systems that can make your car safer. Options such as collision prevention systems, which can take full control of the brakes when a collision is imminent, or blind spot detection and rearview camera systems, which provide better visibility around the car, can be worthy upgrades if you care about safety.

Who is it for?

While some tech might be more appropriate for a specific group of people, safety technology should be an important concert for every driver on the road.

Who is it not for:

See section above.

Self-Driving Technology:

Self-Driving Technology

What it is?

The self-driving technology category is very broad, and includes all technologies that allow a car to perform some actions with little to no input from the driver. The ultimate goal is the fully-autonomous vehicle, and companies such as Volvo, Ford and Tesla made some impressive advancement in this direction, we’re not quite there yet. Be that as it may, there are numerous self-driving features available on modern cars, such as fully autonomous parking systems, which allow a car to park completely by itself, or advance auto-pilot systems that allow the car to keep its lane, slow down and speed up along with the traffic around it.

Who is it for?

People that value comfort and are passionate about technology.

Who is it not for?

People that like driving, even if we’re talking about a boring long commute, and want to be in complete control of their car at all times.

Entertainment Technology:

Entertainment Technology

What it is:As you might have guess by the name, entertainment technology is all about entertainment. In the past, in-car entertainment consisted of a radio or a cd-player, but nowadays in-car entertainment has grown to become much more. Technologies such as Android Auto or Apple Car Play provide access to multiple streams of entertainment, such as music streaming service and even video services, access to social media, navigation, and everything in-between.

Who is it for?

People that want to have multiple options to choose from in terms of entertainment.

Who is it not for?

People that can get easily distracted. Having in-dash access to your Facebook profile might not exactly help you stay focused on the road ahead.

Green Technology:

Green Technology

What it is?

One of the main uses for technology in the car industry was helping make cars eco-friendly. There are multiple approaches to this, from reducing fuel consumption by using the Start-Stop technology, which turns the engine off when the car is idling, all the way to cramming an electric engine along with the combustion engine in order to provide some green power. Hybrid cars, such as the Toyota Prius, or hybrid versions of various models, are becoming more popular because they combine the advantages of electric motors (they’re powerful, efficient, and environmentally-friendly) with the advantages of classic combustion engines (they are more common, and they are significantly easier to fuel – gas stations are everywhere), but the major goal is to switch to all-electric vehicles.

Car manufacturers are making great efforts to make electric vehicles the new standard, but given the fact that the technology is still in its infancy, it might take some time for the goal to be achieved. The main downside of electric vehicles is slow charging time.

Who is it for?

Green technology is for those that care about the environment, and are willing to pay the higher acquisition cost and higher maintenance costs.

Who is it not for?

Who is it for

Green technology is not for car enthusiasts that are into raw power or car tuning. A hybrid or all-electric vehicle will never have the aggressive roar of an exotic fitted with Akrapovic exhausts, for example.

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