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Troubleshooting: How to Know Why an Application Was Rejected?

Has the apartment rental application been rejected? Well perhaps it is time to get to the root of the problem. The rejection of an application can happen for a variety of reasons. One can only improve their chances of having future applications accepted if they know why the first one was rejected. Here are some of the obvious places to look when searching for potential problematic areas.



The first step should be to check one’s credit report. If it is a rental, not many people will have checked their reports or ratings before applying. However, the landlord will obviously check the report. Make sure there are no mistakes with the credit report. Normally, if there are issues or mistakes with credit reports, then one can write a report with about a hundred words which the bureaus will be legally required to distribute along with the credit report whenever asked for. Still, do not assume to know what exactly is wrong without first reading the report. If the rating is truly low, then there are ways through which one can improve their ratings.

Rental History:

Rental History

Just as one’s job history is important when applying for a job, a record of one’s behavior with their past landlords is important when they are looking to move houses. Those who have rented in the past will know exactly what this entails. When an application is rejected, this is one of the potential sources of trouble. This history includes simple details of when one lived in their past apartments, records of payment and evictions. Most of the time, the potential landlord gets these details directly from the past landlords. The point of this is to find out whether one will be a potentially responsible renter.

Bank Statements:

One of the most important aspects of any rental agreement for the landlord or property manager is them making sure that the renter will be able to afford paying for the lease they are signing. If the application was rejected, perhaps the reason could be that bank statements of pay slips show that the prospective tenant’s current employment does not pay them enough to have them afford the place they live in. bank statements might be important when one is looking to rent the apartment with several roommates.

Personal References:

An application without personal references can easily be rejected. Anyone can write an application and fill in a form. However, a truly honest individual will have trustworthy individuals available to vouch for them and confirm the information they have provided. Good references are not just friends from college, but reputable contacts. The landlord mindset is that they cannot trust a prospective tenant if their family, friends or references cannot even vouch for them. If one is moving for a job, a good reference could be from the old and new employers.

Rental markets, especially in metropolitan areas, are very competitive. Coming out ahead of the competition require some element of tact and skill. The more prepared one is, the easier it gets for them to avoid rejection.

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