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What Attracts Families to the Arise Network?

Families bear the brunt of substance addiction. Once a member of your family starts using and abusing drugs or alcohol, you will find yourselves looking for ways of fixing the addicted family member. Many people fail to understand that alcohol addiction is just like any other disease and the patient requires special treatment and care. Many facilities neglect this part about addiction. The Arise Network is however preferred by families because of the following reasons:

Family Involvement:

Having a facility that understands the ailing of the substance abuser as well as the need of family for complete recovery is important. The best intervention centers involve parents and siblings in the recovery process. They go through counselling with the patients and also without their sick family member to understand the effects of the addiction and the right path to complete recovery.

As a family you are made to understand the gory details on drug addiction, the effects and the tale-tale signs of someone using drugs. This way you will be able to fully monitor the addicted individual’s progress post treatment.

The Effectiveness of the Program:

The Effectiveness of the Program

Most of substance abusers that have been enrolled in the program have shown complete recovery. Through invitational intervention and family motivation, families are involved and the sick individual feels the love from their family. This way, your sister or brother using drugs will be motivated to quit and get treatment needed for full recovery and proper functioning of the brain.

Compliance with the Medical Boards:

Compliance with the Medical boards

An addiction is a disease that affects the brain’s logical and though parts. This means that for complete recovery, the interventionists should use drugs and treatment regiments that have been approved by the countries or international medical boards.

They also employ experience and certified professionals to deal with and treat patients. This creates trust and makes an institution preferable to another.

Certified Professional Teams:

 Certified professional teams

Training officers, counsellors and interventionists are certified and qualified to work and treat addictions. Alcohol and drug interventions require dedication as well as adequate knowledge about the addiction stage and any other associated dissociative behavior. You should take your loved one to an institution with certified individuals. The chances of patients getting the wrong medication or relapsing severally after admission reduce when you have a professional treating a patient.



They have different methods of treating and managing alcohol and drug addiction. They also help gambling addicts, sex addicts, eating disorders etc. therefore, this would be a great place to have your patient when they have different addictions intertwined as one, e.g. alcohol and drug addiction and eating disorders.

Excellent Communication System:

Involving families in the recovery process of their loved one is a great step towards recovery. Arise Network through Family motivations and invitational interventions communicate to you and your family about all they need to understand for their recovery, and for the drug addict to recover.

In conclusion, a family friendly environment filled with resources for the patient and the family is the best place to get help for your loved one. They also ensure confidentiality of all parties involved and treat all with respect regardless of their addiction problems.

About Jane Morrison

Jane Morrison is a counselor who consults for faith-based drug rehab centers in New York. She helped hundreds of addicts get their lives back. You may read more on the effectiveness of the treatment by clicking

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