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Automotive Technologies: What are the Best and Worst in 2016?

Automotive technology has come along in leaps and bounds over the last few years. There have always been improvements, but the basic principle of the engine has remained true since the first inception of the motor car. In general it is the technology which has improved rapidly.  However, there is now a new movement within the car industry; alternative energy sources.  Just ten years ago the idea of an electric car was almost laughable. Today, every major manufacturer has a hybrid car on the market and many, including iconic sports car manufacturer Porsche, have all electric cars either in production or on the drawing board.

Automotive technologies - What are the best and worst in 2016

The latest developments in technology will shortly be available in some cars and will, undoubtedly, filter down into all cars over time. Many of these features are positive developments, whilst some are not. There will always be some who see a development as good whilst others see it as bad; the proof will definitely be seen when they start working:

  • The Apple Play:

Cars are increasingly featuring integrated stereo systems which operate a variety of the vehicle’s functions from a central display. Unfortunately, these have not always been easy to use! Apple is now introducing their own version which is easy to use, links with any phone and, most importantly, is the same regardless of which car you are in. It is simple to install and runs instead of the manufacturer’s software.

  • Lighter Vehicles:

For many years cars have actually been getting heavier as all the new technology and safety features are incorporated into the vehicles. However, the emphasis is now on lightening the load to help reduce emissions. This has been achieved by new developments in carbon fiber reinforced plastic and the use of aluminum.

  • Turbo:

It used to be the case that only the fastest cars on the road were given turbos. However, this has now changed as manufacturers have realized that the turbo can make a small engine more powerful without increasing fuel consumption. Major manufacturers such as Chevrolet have already claimed the new turbo engines are offering the best fuel efficiency rating of any Chevy.

  • Gestures:


The very latest tech has arrived in the BMW 7-series. It is now possible to control a variety of in-car features by simply gesturing at the relevant control. It is a simply a matter of time before this becomes standard on all vehicles.

  • Automation:

There are already several manufacturers who are playing with the autonomous car. Google have even built several for use in Silicon Valley. The latest BMW can park itself, without the driver even being in the car and lane assist, cruise control and assisted braking are all features which have been shown to work. The truly autonomous car is not far away from reality.

  • Rear View Camera:

The rear view camera is not new! However, it is now being updated and will shortly appear on every car. Cars drivers will have multiple views of the terrain behind them; including a view from above! Whether you are an expert parker or not, this will be a valuable aid; rear view integrated cameras will surely come in handy, and driving and parking a car will soon become easier than ever. The technology is here, but it must be honed to provide accurate and precise information.

  • Augmented Reality Owner’s Manual:


The concept of your car manual being available online instead of on paper is not new, but the latest versions go one step further. Augmented reality manuals show you the same information on your tablet or smart phone. However, if you move the tablet or phone near to a particular item, such as a radio, it will bring up the details of that specific part of your car!

  • Smartphone Vehicle Management:

The technology is now available that will allow you to connect your Augmented Reality Owner’s Manualvehicle to your smart phone and check on it, wherever you are. You can check your car’s status, car for breakdown assistance or even start the car; all from your phone!

The auto industry is extremely fond of advanced technology. The newer the technology the greater chances for manufacturers to wow potential buyers with new built-in features. Which ones do you consider will rock our world this 2016? What about 10 years from now?

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