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Best China VPNs to Conquer The Great Firewall Of China

If you are looking for a VPN for China, then you have a very small list of reliable services to choose from. China recently swelled its efforts to block VPN services in China, so in order to get you the most current and best information available, we have searched every nook and cranny on internet and amassed the helpful suggestions of our readers from mainland China to make this article. So, here are the best VPN service providers for those who want to break the GFW.

Express VPN:

Express VPN is a major international firm with their servers based in almost in all major countries of the world. This firm offers a service that is fast, has amazing apps for Android and iOS, and even offers a 30 day money back guarantee. This VPN does store some metadata logs, but not any usages logs, however, all that shouldn’t worry anyone who is just trying to evade the Great Firewall Of China. Above all, this VPN has stealth servers based in Hong Kong, which can hide the fact that a VPN is in use.

Boleh VPN:

Boleh is based in Malaysia and is therefore in a nice position to cater to the users based in China since it offers ‘CloakRouted Servers’ built to provide access right through the Great Firewall Of China (GFW), and fortunately, the Chinese government hasn’t blocked this service providers website yet. In comparison to the Express VPN, Boleh impresses clients with its no logs policy, amazing OSX and Windows softwares, and fast connection speed, so no wonder why this pretty small VPN provider is getting popular all over South East Asia.

Air VPN:

I understand that AirVPN is a pretty odd option to recommend since its site has been blocked in China, but if one manages to get around it (by signing-up in it by using other VPN alternatives), then AirVPN is among the toughest to beat in the race of censorship busting services. AirVPN can support VPN via Tor as well as SSL and SSH tunneling which hides the fact that a VPN is in use, by concealing the OpenVPN traffic within a regular looking SSL or SSH tunnel, which are pretty resistant to the forms of deep packet checks employed by the GFW. Another impressive feature of AirVPN is their dedication to reliability, privacy as well as connection speeds.


As per the latest updates we got, TorGuard is uncensored in China, particularly when employing its obfuscation technology, which they explained to us as: Our firm ran an advanced adaption of obfsproxy for our OpenVPN that works as a strong bridge between the client and the server. That way, end user’s complete traffic is converted into usual looking HTTP traffic which makes it almost impossible to be tracked by firewalls used in countries like Iran and China. As a result, we acquired a lot of new clients behind GFW and have also begun providing secure SSH tunnel services. This VPN provider has servers almost in all the useful locations, and despite the fact that its encryption is a bit uninspiring; it is still a much sold VPN for China.

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