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Choosing Amazing and Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses – the 5 C’s

Your big day is fast approaching. Picking the perfect gown has already taken up the good part of your time for the past couple of months. Naturally, you want your bridesmaids to look nothing short of stunning. Whatever you do, do not forget to consider their styles and tastes because, in any case, not even the top photo-editor can airbrush the look of discomfort and awkwardness off your bridesmaids’ faces.

Here are some rules to take after for easy ways to keep your bridesmaids happy without sacrificing your dream wedding day bridal party.

1. Consistency:

It is important to have a common factor that pulls together your entire bridal party; it could be the dresses length, style, cut or color. However, this does not mean that you should perfectly match your entire bridal party. All you need is something that distinguishes them from the rest.

2. Curves:

Take into account the body type of each of your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids will likely have different bodies, so you should not anticipate that they will all fit snugly into one dress type. While a strapless dress may be perfect for your bustier cousin, it may not work as well for your slender best friend. You can select a color and allow your bridesmaids to choose cuts that complement their body-types.

3. Coiffure and Skin Tone:

You want to choose a color scheme that suits the skin tone and hair type of all the girls in your bridal party. For instance, if you have three bridesmaids, you can have them vote for one out three favorite choices of color. Alternatively, you can choose a color and have each bridesmaid pick a shade of their choice.

For example, Artweddings.com offers a tableau of choices. You can match a dusty pink with a bold maroon, a soft lilac with a fuller plum, ora light pistachio with a deeper sage. This way you can maintain your palette without leaving anyone feeling washed out.

4. Climate and Comfort:

It would be highly unrealistic to expect your bridesmaids in ballroom gowns to be out dancing at your outdoor wedding. Even though very formal bridesmaid gowns are apt for some ceremonies, consider ease of movement.

What season is it? Will the wedding be outdoors? For the past several months, your bridesmaids have been helping you put your wedding together, so they deserve to have a good time on the big day.

5. Cost:

How do all the dresses for your bridesmaids fit into your budget for your wedding? Can the dresses be worn again? It is your wedding. Nevertheless, you need to consider whether your friends can afford to pay for the bridesmaid gowns you have in mind. If not, what are the alternatives for cheap bridesmaid dresses? Have an honest conversation with your bridal party about your budget and choose something that works for everyone.

Whatever choice you make regarding dresses for your bridesmaids, keep these pointers in mind and you’re likely to have fun without breaking the bank.

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