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20 Free Resume Templates to Choose From

Here are twenty really good resume templates that work well for most types of job. They are a mix of graphically pleasing and professionally basic. The list is in no particular order and many of the templates have no name so they have been named on this article according to the first things written on them. If you cannot find the resume directly on the web page link, then look around the website for resume options.



If ALEEM was actually a slang word then the name of this template may have made a funny bit of wordplay. Still, try the template and you will be pleasantly surprised at the result.

2 – Sarfraz Shoukat:


In the world of funny names we hit our peak somewhere around here; still the template is nicely subdued and may work well if you are not applying for an executive position.

3 – John Doe:


A very colorful and well made template awaits, and it is going to bode well for anybody who is looking to work in the creative field. It is not too muddled whilst still being slightly off the wall.

4 – Jhon Sutejo:


This is a nice template for people who want to keep it simple. This would suit applying for an office position and could be altered a little to suit most jobs as it is fairly basic.

5 – Creative Photoshop:


The template is not named, but is actually one of the best on this article if you want a well laid out template. Adding your picture to the resume also has the effect of making it look very professional.

6 – Jonathan Doe:


This is a very basic design that has been sculpted into something that passes for very professional. If you are going for a job and do not want to add any flare to your resume then this is the one for you.

7 – C’thulhu:


Named after the ancient monster, you should use this template if you want a simple resume. Replace the image on the template with your own headshot and it will look very nice.

8 – Thomas hardy:


This is a professional looking resume template that makes reading very easy on the eyes. It also features a small area that you may place your headshot into. It is laid out very well.

9 – Kashif:


If you have a lot of achievements that may be summed up with logos and symbols then you should really try this CV template. The bold colors are a little distracting but that is the only fault.

10 – One Page + Google Fonts:


This is a template that is just black and white and it has the habit of looking very professional. The small pockets of information that are running up and down the page are rather good.

11 – Johe Smith Free resume:


This is a well designed but standard looking resume. This is very close to the traditional resume design. It is well laid out and easy to skim read and understand.

12 – Resume Template AI:


This is a good looking resume template for the fact you can also fold it over. It is a little like a brochure and is bound to have an effect on the employer who receives it.

13 – Profil:


This is a very attractive looking and highly graphical template that looks more like a portfolio of achievement than it looks a template for your resume.

14 – Modern Swiss Style Resume:


This looks a little like a page from a technical or trade magazine, which is not actually a bad thing as it comes across as very professionally made.

15 – Thomas Laurinavicius:


The design is simple but big. It leads the eye and makes your text a little harder to ignore. It will make an impact on the reader even if it is for the fact that it is easy to read.

16 – Hendricks Resume:


This is a template that looks as if a graphic designer has been paid a fortune to do it. It is very good and very attractive.

17 – Resume template + 5 new icons:


Just like the template above, this one looks as if it has been designed by a graphic design expert. It is less imposing than the Hendricks Resume listed above but has its own charms.

18 – Hello, I am Ansimuz:


This is a resume for somebody applying for a creative job. It allows you to put sections of your portfolio on your resume.

19 – Sunny Luthra:


This is a colorful resume without venturing into the realms of being distracting. It is well laid out and would suit most jobs.

20 – Flato:


This is a responsive resume template which may be a good idea as we cannot be sure if people look at resume websites on their phone.

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