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The Advantages of 888poker Mobile

888poker is a leading online poker site that provides players with lots of thrilling poker games, free-rolls and promotional offers. 888poker gives players an incredible mobile poker platform that is compatible with many mobile devices. This poker platform has a number of cash games and tournaments, a $100K First Depositors’ Challenge, a $3,500 First Depositors’ Freeroll and a fully functional cashier. Many players have their own smartphones and tablets – a great enticement for online poker sites to create mobile gaming platforms. 888poker provides players with a simple mobile poker application that offers entertaining tournaments and games. Players can easily download the 888poker mobile platform and can also play real money mobile games. The operation of this platform is similar to the PC version but it has a bet slider and larger buttons. This mobile poker app also has a chat feature. Players can enjoy this user-friendly mobile poker platform anytime and anywhere there is a mobile internet connection. Enjoy a first-class mobile poker experience at 888poker!

Features and Games of the 888poker Mobile App:

As of now, tournaments are not available on this mobile app but there are plans to add tournaments in the near future. The 888poker mobile app has lots of exciting cash games, SNGs and the ever popular No Limit Texas Hold’em. This poker app was designed for casual players but the addition of a multi-table feature is under consideration too. The 888poker mobile app is functional, reliable and offers clear sound effects and realistic animation. This mobile poker platform is the closest that players can get to a live poker game using a mobile app.

Operation of the 888poker Mobile Platform:

The cashier is a great feature of the 888poker mobile app. It’s highly functional and it enables players to make withdrawals and deposits directly from their mobile devices. This feature offers excellent benefits to players who’d rather not be confined to a desktop. Withdrawals and deposits can be made from anywhere there is an available internet connection. Other mobile poker apps do not have this cashier function and it is truly unique to the 888poker mobile app. The mobile software in this app enables players to use other software programs to tracks hands and carry out other poker functions. The 888poker mobile app is perfect for recreational players who are looking for SNGs and cash games. Exciting poker games can be enjoyed from home or on the go at any time. In the future, 888poker will most certainly add additional features to this mobile poker app in order to give players the best mobile poker experience. Stay posted for updates on things like poker tournaments, poker variants and other poker features.

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