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Why Registry Cleaners Are Not As Useful As You Think

We are told that registry cleaners are useful; that they are very good tools that can help make our PC go faster. We were told that one sweep with a registry cleaner and then your PC’s able to run fast again like it was brand new. While it does have its uses, it is for a different purpose other than helping your PC speed up. The fact of the matter is that registry cleaners being able to magically make your PC run fast again is a lie.

Why Registry Cleaners Are Not As Useful As You Think

Why don’t they Make PCs Run Faster?

To start, here is an explanation of what a registry is. The registry is basically how programs are able to work. Programs go through the registry to find important bits of data so that they can work and perform what they are supposed to do. This applies to every single program found in the computer. Simply put, the registry is what makes the programs work.

The registry plays an important part, but it is not a huge part of the operating system. Depending on how many programs your computer has, the registry might not even take up a good chunk of space, usually only about 100 megabytes. Not only that, it is stored in a special place in the hard drive that will only be accessed when the computer needs to. Cleaning the registry will not do anything to improve the computer’s speed. In fact, even a PC with the lowest specs available can run through the registry in a matter of milliseconds. What is really making the PC slow is that you have too many programs installed, bogging the PC down.

What Can They Really do Then?

Registry cleaners cannot really clean the registry as advertised. What they really do, however, is more like organize the registry. Sometimes, you would get an error where the shortcut to a file cannot be found, or a certain file does not exist. Registry cleaners can fix the problem by simply re-organizing the whole registry, fixing up shortcuts and files so that they will work correctly. That is all the registry cleaner does. Other than that, they are more or less useless, taking up important space.

Final Words and Thoughts:

All in all, registry cleaners are more like registry organizers; they only work for re-organizing the registry, fixing minor problems like broken shortcuts and the like. Registry cleaners do not work as advertised and they will do nothing to fix your computer’s speed problem. In fact, downloading registry cleaners can be considered a bad idea as it brings along the possibility of infecting your PC with malware. Performance problems are common; anyone who uses a normal PC for their computer needs faces this problem, and it is easy for someone to infect the PC by offering some miracle solution that can be used to “fix” said problem. If you must really use a cleaning registry tool, pick something that is trusted and approved, as at the very least, those can clean and free up some space for your hard drive.

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