Three Features to Look for in Your Sports Bra

Just like there are dress code for certain events, there is a bra code too. If you are wearing a deep cut silk blouse, it makes sense to wear a seamless, low cleavage bra. A strapless dress calls for a strapless bra. In the same way, when you are sweating it out in the gym, you need an extra supportive bra.

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Top 10 Anniversary Gifts – [Infographic]

Anniversaries are always a special occasion, no matter how many years pass. They celebrate milestone as well as bring back special memories. Sometimes finding the right gift for an anniversary can be tricky but we personally recommend gifting a unique gift. This infographic, created by Unusual Giftz, revolves around some cool anniversary gift ideas for both young and old couples:

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Types of Shoes [Infographic]

Choices of shoes vary from one woman to another. While some of them love to wear heels and wedges always, some find themselves more comfortable in flat pumps or sandals and flip-flops. Branded shoe manufacturers have tried and come up with various designs for different kinds of shoes for women. Among the many notable names, Cocorose London is a favorite brand for the ladies who love stylish flat shoes and pumps. This infographic, created by Cocorose London, revolves around the popular types of shoes.

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Go Goa with Sunglasses

The winters are gone and the summers are here. The sun is always shining out bright and all you want to do is just sun bathe by the beach and tan your skin. What perfect a location than the awesome Goa to bathe in the summer sun? After all, what more could you ask for than your beachwear, a hat, a cold bear, a pair of cool sunglasses and a book. While all the others can be managed, getting a nice pair of sunglasses can be a tricky thing to do. So before you pack your bags for that glorious holiday in Goa, make sure that you have the best of sunglasses for yourselves. Join us in attempting to decode the perfect sunglasses to have.

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NOS Control, Advanced NOS

MAPECU, MAPECU2 and MAPECU3 all feature NOS Control and Advanced NOS Control in different forms. MAPECU’s NOS Control consists of and RPM window and throttle position (TPS). This NOS Control function allows automatic NOS activation based on minimum RPM, maximum RPM and throttle position so NOS is activated only at maximum throttle position and sufficient RPM for maximum performance.

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5 Of the Best EDM DJs in the World

The reason why EDM concerts are always such a hit is because of the DJs. EDM DJs make some of the best producers because they specialize in mastering sound. EDM festivals happen every year and the DJs below usually make the lineup. Check out the EDM festivals by clicking here.

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6 Ways to Protect Your Business from Bad Debtors

Your business could go into a debt crisis if you don’t watch out who you transact with. Start-up businesses, particularly, fall into this trap because they are eager to get access to business deals and to grow their customer data base. As such, any customer who shows interest is only too welcome.

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Go to Photo Studio to Capture Your Baby at Best

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One of the most thrilling moments in life is being parent of a little baby. When a baby gradually grows up, parents generally want to look back at the early days and relive the moments. And it is possible only if the growing years of the baby are captured in photos. Continue reading Go to Photo Studio to Capture Your Baby at Best

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